To Our Clients:

We established Veatch & Mason, LLC in 2008 to provide this unique approach in commercial improvements. Rather than pursue cut-throat win or lose bids, we work hard to produce reliable long-lasting win-win relationships. This is not seen by providing the lowest bid, but by the quality of work, hassle-free project management, and superior customer service. Producing commercial improvements that make you look great is our success!

Our Mission:

Continuing a legacy of hard work and attention to detail, Scott Veatch has been serving commercial clients since 1990. He has mapped out the foundation of this company not in what we do, but why we do it. This simple determination is not to just make a dollar, but rather pursue the excellence and character in how we make that dollar. Creating a simple culture of honor and trust without layers of excess serves both our stakeholders and provides stability to our clients.

A Few Testimonials:
Veatch & Mason